InterrogatorTM Software

The ability of our Atometers to accurately detect and identify threat materials is in great part due to the strength of our InterrogatorTM software, which is comprised of advanced algorithms, a robust, expandable library of elements and chemical formulas, system diagnostics and customizable interfaces. Our software has been refined over a decade of research, development and field trials.

All of our Atometer systems share a similar sensor core and architecture which has been optimized to meet our customer’s mission critical needs for rapid deployment, reliable operation, ease-of-use, and accurate results and reporting. The current release of our InterrogatorTM software platform, which is integrated in all of our Atometer devices, reflects the cumulative feedback of our employees, customers and requirements of the emerging mandates of industry and government.

Our InterrogatorTM software currently incorporates the following functional features:

Our InterrogatorTM software is controlled via an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). The user settings of the GUI is customizable and can be scaled in terms of complexity to meet an operator’s training and sophistication level, from a simple operator control panel featuring the classical triadic “fireman” color scheme of RYG for the rank-and-file, all the way up to an advanced spectroscopy panel for the most experienced bomb technician.

In addition, the current release of our InterrogatorTM software features advanced networking capabilities. The current network telemetry of our InterrogatorTM software provides for simultaneous streaming or broadcasting of sensor data to multiple locations or “nodes” whether it be for operational, archival, training or forensic purposes. This data stream not only includes the results, but also real-time interrogation data, operator and user settings, GPS location, system health status, and other critical system information.

The networking capabilities of our system also allow for remote access and control of our Atometer systems. This in turn enables remote maintenance and service, calibration, and system upgrades resulting in a lower cost of service and greater system reliability. The remote access also allows essential supervisory monitoring so that security managers can audit operator performance and ensure the integrity of security procedures.

Our InterrogatorTM software also features an open architecture which allows our Atometers to be seamlessly integrated into command and control systems or data fusion centers. In effect, our Atometers provide a valued added capability of shared-awareness or “all-eyes on critical data” which allows multi-disciplined teams of specialists, more appropriately trained to deal with complex threats, to manage threats from a command and control center or data fusion center far the incident zone.
To our knowledge, the network capabilities of our Atometers makes it one of the only portable explosives detection devices able to meet new government and industry requirements as to equipment interoperability, communication and shared awareness.

Clear Path is currently completing software upgrades to be introduced before end of year which integrates other threat assessment tools that can leverage acquired data and results and improve emergency planning. These include geo-spatial mapping and advanced notification (GSM, email, SMS, etc.) capabilities which will allow the operator to quickly communicate, on or off network, the location of the identified threat, expected blast-radius or contamination path, and captured interrogation data for emergency/incident management and computer aided dispatch systems.